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More Shampoo Means Cleaner Carpets?

Geelong homes are associated with the homely hospitality, warmth and also cuddly carpets. However, to be frank, maintaining the carpets on top of their game is in itself a very big challenge. The most ordinary mistake that keeps circulating is the “more shampoo, cleaner carpets” myth.

Although shampooing will remove surface dirt, overuse works against you.Here’s why:

  • The blues from residue: Over usage of the shampoo will cause you sticky residue. This is going to attract a lot more dirt and soon your carpet will deteriorate.
  • Fiber Fatigue: Some shampoos consist of harsh chemicals that can render and crinkle the tender carpet fibres which results in the early wearing down.
  • Moisture Mishap: Too much shampooing can leave your carpet with a lot of excess moisture which can lead to the development of mould, mildew and also other health risks.

How Vacmate Cleaning Services Sparkle Your carpet?
At Vacmate, we employ tested techniques for thorough, delicate cleaning, dispelling myths along the way:

  • Expert Evaluation: To select the best cleaning technique and products, we thoroughly evaluate the kind and state of your carpet.
  • Professional Grade Equipment: Without endangering fibers, our strong but gentle equipment gets deep down to remove dirt, grime, and allergies.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Safe, biodegradable cleaning supplies that are beneficial to both the environment and your family are our first priority.
  • Complete Rinsing: Your carpets will be soft, fresh, and stain-resistant after we make sure all cleaning residue is gone.

We also offer customized treatments for every carpet as well as shampooing.
Every carpet is not the same, neither are the cleaning demands. One of the top three cleaning companies in Geelong, Vacmate Cleaning Services, provides a range of carpet cleaning services, such as:

  • Steam cleaning: For removal of allergens and carry out a deep cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning: Suitable for water-sensitive areas or delicate carpets.
  • Experts stain removal’s job is mental stains too.
  • Carpet protection: Displays the best look of your carpets for a prolonged period.

Remember: Regular vacuuming, prompt stain removal, and professional cleaning from a trusted service like Vacmate Cleaning Services are key to maintaining healthy and beautiful carpets. Contact us today for a free quote and unlock the true potential of your Geelong home’s carpets!

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