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Showroom Cleaning Services

Vacmate Showroom Cleaning Transforming Spaces, Boosting Sales.

Vacmate, a showroom cleaning brilliance that creates an immersive and captivating experience for your customers by transforming your showroom into a pristine masterpiece where every display’s gleam and shine tells a story of excellence, resulting in increased sales.

Vacmate Clean for the Sale

Vacmate offers exceptional cleaning services and has become one of the top choices for showroom cleaning in Melbourne.


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Police checked

All our cleaners hold current and clear police checks, we aim to give you a very comfortable clean at all times.
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Fully insured

VACMATE is Fully insured and all our cleaners are covered under Public liability for any damage and our cleaners are covered under WorkCover Insurance for their safety.
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VACMATE’s are fully vaccinated for COVID 19 and flu. Customer safety and staff safety has always been a priority to us.
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Friendly & Professional

All our staff are professional cleaners and undergo VACMATE training. They are expected to be the face of our business and each cleaner is very friendly and understanding.

What we clean

Frequently asked questions

Showroom cleaning is a specialised service that ensures cleanliness, enhances product visibility, and promotes a professional image.

We offer showroom cleaning for various businesses, including automotive, furniture, electronics, fashion boutiques, and more.

Yes, we offer emergency cleaning services for unexpected situations or special events, ensuring your showroom remains in top condition.

Selling Starts with Cleanliness! Get Started with Vacmate

Book showroom cleaning now for a dazzling display that captivates customers. Elevate your brand with our expert cleaning services.
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